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Project Management

We manage all stages of the project, generating a dynamic and efficient work process where we seek the best methodological adoption for your project, in order to generate a collaborative work space among all members of the project team.

Software Engineering

We facilitate the solution of software oriented to your needs, by applying good practices, we help you to adopt new technologies to your business.

Process Reengineering

There is a way to optimize your business, and that is to focus on your management and operational processes, for this we propose a service aimed at understanding and analyzing and applying improvements to your processes, which will allow you to increase your indicators of success.

:: Cognis EVO ::

Based on a scientifically proven methodology in the aeronautical industry, with our Cognis EVO service, which we have adapted to be used in different industries.
More info: Cognis EVO


We present some milestones, which show us the result of the work done with quality, professionalism, and passion, generating satisfaction in our customers.









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About Solbs...

::Solbs:: born with the purpose of being an enabler of technology-based solutions to the business needs of your company.


Our mission and purpose is to be the facilitator of technology-based solutions your business needs.


Build strategic alliances with our clients, and thus be able to be an engine of processes of generation of changes and innovation to address the business challenges in this era of evolution continues, and thus, meet the needs of business in the region.


alues ​​are a key factor of success for the construction of strategic and long-term relationships that is why in :: Solbs :: we promote the values ​​of:

  • Transparency
  • Honesty
  • Responsibility
  • Flexibility


We share the story of::Solbs:: so you can get to know us more.

Diego Della Barca


The beginning of ::Solbs::

Hi! I'm Diego Della Barca, and I cordially thank you for knowing us, I'd like to introduce myself and share that my purpose is to be a facilitator of technology-based solutions to business problems, as well as being a continuous promoter of changes in organizations, through the adoption of good practices and processes make me a person with a 360 vision that brings a lot of value to my clients. And this has been the main trigger to give rise to ::Solbs ::

With a great experience gained from more than 19 years of work, of which 11 I have developed in the corporate world, and 8 years as an entrepreneur, where I have turned both activities into complementary experiences, with great achievements, among which I can highlight the have worked for international companies, have won entrepreneurial contests, in addition to having developed a business with a regional presence, among some outstanding.

My differential is that I am trained, I have experience, I like what I do, generating commitment to my work and, besides, I think about my adaptation, of the future.
A group of professionals accompany me in the projects, in which, day by day, we work together to provide you with the best business solutions.

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